My First Beachbody Workout Program – Power 90

Before I found Power 90, working out was not a part of my everyday life.  In fact, I was one of those moms that occasionally went to the gym, I’d take a spinning class once in a while but never saw any results from my work.  I had a desire deep inside to be fit, however I had no clue how to even get started, let alone achieve my goal.

My wake up call came just after I had my 3rd child.  I was struggling to find enough energy to keep up with 3 children under the age of five (one being a new baby), and then photos from a beach vacation blasted me to confront the ugly reality of being out of shape.  But what to do?  As a busy stay-at-home mom, there were hardly enough hours in the day already.  My answer came in the form of the Power 90 workout DVDs.

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Before & After – My first day starting Power 90 compared to when I completed the program.

People ask me what is different about these home videos. I tell them how effective the workouts are and how, at 30 minutes, I can fit them into my busy schedule doing them at home while my youngest naps. Once I fit Power 90 into my routine, it was easy to make the decision to workout 6 days a week. I committed to “press play once a day.”  What came next was more energy, and amazing results . Don’t get me wrong, it was work (and some days were harder than others, but I pushed play anyway) – but so worth it to have the energy to run around with my kids and feel great about my health and body.

I encountered many challenges along the way. In fact, there were some days when I didn’t want to press play at all. When I began Power 90 I remember how I could barely do the cardio day. What a struggle! Imagine my surprise after a few months of Power 90 when I hit the pavement and I could run for 25 minutes without stopping (before Power 90 I could barely run 5 minutes without stopping). I had a hard time with many of the sculpt exercises as well. But, I loved watching my progression and realizing the strength I was building. So, no – the program isn’t easy, but it is EFFECTIVE, which nothing else I tried had ever been.

The science behind the Power 90 workout is “sectional progression,” which means the movements are orchestrated to maximize results in a minimal amount of time. Each movement targets a specific body zone and is taking you towards your goal.  Tony Horton is the fitness guru who leads the program and since he created Power 90 he has gone on to create more intense versions of the workout known as P90X & P90X2.

I now realize that before I found Power 90 I longed to be fit, but never fully committed to that goal. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy life, and being able to enjoy your life.  If you are looking for a starting place to take control of your health and don’t have a lot of time or desire to workout, check out Power 90. If it worked for me with my crazy schedule and dislike of exercise, it can work for anyone.

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I am a 44-year old married mom of 4. I love my family. If you’re a mom, then you know kids and a spouse keep you busy. It’s easy to forget yourself in the process of taking care of your family. My mission is to help other moms take care of themselves so they can be more available to their loved ones and lead more fulfilling lives.

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