A Change for the Holidays

This year we’re doing the holidays a bit different. From a cold and chilly Thanksgiving for some of our family to Christmas at Disney World, we’re shaking it up!

Thanksgiving in NYC

Enjoying the Macys parade

Enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Jeff and Lucy spent Thanksgiving on a daddy-daughter trip in New York City. She had been bugging us for years about going, and we decided the perfect time would be during the holidays, as an early 10th birthday gift. The city would be all decked out and Jeff and Lucy would get to enjoy some winter weather.

on the big screen in Times Square

On the big screen in Times Square!

They spent five nights there and made a big dent on a list of 30 things they wanted to do. They took in a Broadway show, visited Rockefeller center, rode on the subway, ate at the Stardust diner, took a bus tour of the city, went on a boat ride to see Manhattan from the water and shopped at the Macy’s flagship store. The big surprise for Lucy was a trip to Tiffany’s, where she picked out a necklace with her dad. It’s something she will remember forever!

Very Disney Christmas

For Christmas, we’ll be traveling to Orlando and visiting Disney World with my sister and her family and my parents. The kids are so excited and even though the trip is a big part of their Christmas presents, they don’t feel like they’re going to miss out on the holiday.

Of course, with two big families and my parents, we’ll need transportation. We joked about renting a 15-passenger van, but decided we didn’t need to be together the entire time we’re there. So each family will have their own car so we can split up and do what interests us.

We’ll visit the beach and Cape Canaveral, and of course spend some family time at the park. We will probably get fast passes for some of our favorite rides and see the Frozen princesses. But we don’t want to have our whole trip planned ahead of time because we don’t want to feel like we’re on a schedule. We know what parks we want to visit, and that’s enough. We’ll play it by ear when we get there.

Jack actually gets to head out before us. He was invited to a national soccer tournament to represent the Western Region. He’s nationally ranked for the region, which is a huge honor. Most parents just send their kids on these trips and don’t get to watch them play. We’re excited that we’ll actually get to watch the tournament while we’re in Orlando. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!

I’m looking forward to changing up the holidays this year, but it’s not something we like to do every year. Next year, we’ll probably celebrate in Phoenix like we normally do. But this year will be a fun adventure!

xoxo - Lee

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