Cruising for a Great Spring Break

SS Beachbody Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas

Posted by Lee Solon Ratterman on Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break is the time for epic adventures! This year the Beachbody Cruise coincided with Spring Break for my youngest 3 kids, so I took a friend and the kids on the cruise and it was fabulous!  Honestly, there were so many great things to do on the ship that we didn’t even get to do it all!

Because I had just finished the 21-Day Reset in preparation for the cruise, I was pretty careful about what I ate. However, the kids loved the all-you-can-eat ice cream that was available during the day. Every time the kids walked by, they were getting ice cream.

It is truly awe-inspiring about how this company has grown. 5 years ago this cruise was just 400 coaches on the same ship. This year Beachbody chartered the entire ship for 6,000 people. 5 years ago I was one of the top 10 coaches and during our open Q&A session there were maybe 30 people in the room. This year the same session was held in the main theater on the ship and the room was packed.

In between the vacationing there were some business meetings, a panel of the top 10 coaches sharing tips, announcements, including info on the newest Beachbody program, Country Heat. This workout will be an introductory program, due to be released in July at Summit in Nashville. And I learned about some other fun things I’ll talk about in future posts! There were also 3 group workouts available every day, but I didn’t end up attending any of them because they were in the morning (and our crew was still sleeping).

As for highlights of the cruise, the beach in Jamaica was fabulous. During the stop in the Bahamas, we opted to stay on the ship to get the chance to do some of the fun onboard activities with much shorter lines. Entertainment on the ship was also really enjoyable. We took in the diving show, comedy show, and aerial show.

This was a really fun trip for the kids, as well. They essentially stayed on Arizona time, going to bed late, getting up late, they even missed breakfast one morning. Lucy found some friends to hang out with, they’d go get pizza and hang out on the Boardwalk. One night we went to sushi dinner and Molly hung out with the older girls. Charlie had a friend onboard, but did spend a lot of time at the teen’s center because they had cool activities. Now the kids can keep in touch even though they live across country.

All in all, It was a really relaxing trip, but I still got to absorb some great new information and I enjoyed watching my team enjoy the trip.

xoxo - Lee

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