My First Decade as a Beachbody Coach

I could have never imagined the life I have today 10 years ago.

Before I joined Beachbody, I was always tired, out-of-shape, overweight and just not feeling at all great about myself. I had a full life. I had the things I’d dreamed of having. But I felt sluggish and had no pep in my step.

Then I met Monica, who shared Beachbody with me, and I started doing Power 90. I transformed, not just physically, but psychologically. I started thinking, “this is AMAZING and everyone should have the opportunity to feel this way.” As a result of that transformation, coaching became something I felt I could, and should, do.

We had 2 small children and a new baby when I decided to join Beachbody. I became a coach when Lucy was 9 months old (which is why it is easy to remember how long I’ve been doing this). At the time we had three kids 5 years old and younger.

In hindsight, it was a little chaotic (who am I kidding, it was a LOT chaotic, LOL!). The house we had bought ‘pre-kids’ was now housing a family. The bedrooms were full and we had to move the office into the master bedroom. Things were literally bursting at the seams.

Of course, in the last 10 years our family has changed. We moved. We added another child, Molly, who will be 7 this year. Lucy, who was 9 months old when I started, is now 10 years old.

So, instead of being a family with three kids 5 and under, we’ve got a one in high school one in middle school and two in elementary school. We’ve grown into the next phase of life. Fortunately, my job as a Beachbody coach still fits nicely into the life I want to have.

It is kind of fun to look back on some of the accolades I’ve enjoyed as I climbed the ranks of the business:

  • 4 time Elite Coach
  • 5 Star Diamond Coach
  • Top 10 Elite Coach
  • 1 time Premier Coach
  • Member of the Million Club
  • Success Club 10 All Star Legend (77 months & counting)
  • 6 Incentive Trips – 3 cruises, Disney World, Atlantis, Cancun
  • Leadership Trips

I feel very thankful for the “tangible” achievements of this job. I have been able to attain success, enjoy the trips, and increase our household income. But honestly, I probably could have achieved success in any job (I’m a hard worker and will do whatever it takes). What I’m most in awe of is having success and knowing that when I go to “work” everyday, my job is to help people.

Using my story, my journey, my struggle to help others achieve their life and health goals, gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment. Work doesn’t feel like work, it gives me purpose beyond being just a mom. It fills me up.

It’s also rewarding to be able to show my kids that working hard towards something will yield results. That, and I can still be with them and take time when I need it. Having a flexible schedule, being my own boss, those are the things you can’t get with an office job.

I am just so full of gratitude that I have found something that I love to do that allows me to give myself to people and feel rewarded when I can see that I have helped them accomplish something. Knowing how great I felt when I was starting out and being able to empower other people to feel great and knowing that I provided a spark is very powerful for me, still.

Another obvious change in my 10 years of being a Beachbody coach is the annual conference, Beachbody Summit. In the beginning, Beachbody was still new and there weren’t a lot of other coaches. The first couple of years at Summit, it was just me as part of the bigger team. It was wonderful to connect with more people who were coaches.

Summit started in California, then moved to Las Vegas for three years and then moved to Nashville 2 years ago. Attendance has gone from 250 people to 25,000 people. The number of coaches from my team attending Summit has grown as well.

Seeing the community grow is really rewarding. Knowing what it means for other people and what it’s meant for me gives me a peaceful feeling. I’m looking forward to my next 10 years of being a Beachbody Coach. Hmmm… as it turns out, this is the longest I’ve been in a job. Guess I must really love it.

It’s hard to know what the next decade will hold. I definitely see myself as a Beachbody Coach, and maybe my kids will become coaches too. Although if they just choose to be healthy and share my love of Beachbody, that works for me.

My job as a Beachbody Coach assists me to be able to have what I want in life – Health, Family and Love. Because I’m part of Beachbody, we can do more things together and create more memories. And I like that my kids have confidence, believe they can accomplish what they set out to do, and they have big dreams.

I’ve been thinking about what the next 10 years will bring for me and for my family.  We have about three more years in this phase in life, where we’re all here in the house and then the kids will start going off to college and that three years will go by in a blink. I guess I’m just trying to enjoy it and be present while it lasts.


xoxo - Lee

I am a 44-year old married mom of 4. I love my family. If you’re a mom, then you know kids and a spouse keep you busy. It’s easy to forget yourself in the process of taking care of your family. My mission is to help other moms take care of themselves so they can be more available to their loved ones and lead more fulfilling lives.

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