Bargain Shopping Basics

On a recent trip to Wisconsin, I dragged Jeff, Jack and Charlie to Goodwill to scope out some deals. We ended up finding some team T-shirts that we could wear to the football game we attended.

But I don’t only enjoy going to Goodwill when I’m out of town. I happen to love finding bargains for everyday clothes and household items. I enjoy the hunt for bargains no matter where I am.

Kids grow out of clothes so quickly that it only makes sense to shop consignment or second-hand for some items. Play clothes, school uniforms, one-time outfits like Halloween costumes are some of the best reasons to shop at Goodwill. I have found pricey Gymboree outfits that had never been worn–with the price tags still on!

I recently took Lucy on a shopping trip at a second-hand store. She picked up eight things for a total of $28, the cost of just one shirt somewhere else. When she realized how much we’d saved, she was surprised. And I hope she takes that knowledge away when she starts buying her own things.

Even better, Goodwill offers 50% off days every other Saturday. Everything in the store (aside from holiday items) is half off! (But get there early because the really good stuff goes fast.) You can also sign up for the mailing list and get regular coupons in your inbox. Find your local Goodwill, or grab this link for the Central Arizona Goodwill.

The girls enjoy the hunt with me, but the boys aren’t as excited about it. They’ll spend time in the vinyl record section, looking for steals. Secretly, I think they enjoy the hunt too–but don’t tell them I know!

Of course, there are things I stay away from in second-hand shops. Underwear, swimsuits and shoes are something I won’t buy there, and you do have to look at the clothing closely to make sure it’s not damaged or stained.

But overall, Goodwill, consignment and other second-hand shops are a great way to save money. You just have to be willing to take the time to hunt for what you need and want!

xoxo - Lee

I am a 44-year old married mom of 4. I love my family. If you’re a mom, then you know kids and a spouse keep you busy. It’s easy to forget yourself in the process of taking care of your family. My mission is to help other moms take care of themselves so they can be more available to their loved ones and lead more fulfilling lives.

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