Income from Something You Love

I don’t have a lot of hobbies; life is so busy sometimes that I just don’t seem to have time. One of the things that I’ve carried over from my youth is my love for the Spanish language. But I really wouldn’t call it a hobby. It’s something I do, a way to communicate with others and something I always want to improve on.

If you think about all the things you love to do in your life, you can probably list off a handful or two of things. Hiking, running, painting, sewing, genealogy, writing, four-wheeling, you name it. I don’t have a list like that.

There are few activities or hobbies that I truly enjoy. But discovering myself as the kids start to leave the nest is something I’m dedicated to doing.

Now tennis? Tennis is a hobby that I love. I’ve been playing for years and I constantly strive to get better, mostly because I like to win. It’s something I work hard at and do often.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will ever earn money with my tennis game. I don’t know of many 50-something pro or semi-pro tennis players!

Nevertheless, I’ll keep on playing! And I’ll keep on taking lessons so I can continue to improve.

What is it you love to do? Is there a way you can turn your hobby into a fun way to make money?

Like my job as a Beachbody coach, I know that loving what I do is a great motivation to doing it more. I love working out and helping others find the workout and lifestyle that works for them. So it feels only natural that it would be a job for me.

Love to camp? Host outings for friends and teach them the ins and outs.
Enjoy sewing? Find something you love to make and sell it on Etsy.
Are you good at painting? Sell some of your work (or give them away as gifts).
Do you write? Find magazines and websites that accept guest submissions and sell your essays.

We spend so much time helping our children find their own passions and not enough time developing our own. What’s the passion you’re going to start building for yourself?

I am a 44-year old married mom of 4. I love my family. If you’re a mom, then you know kids and a spouse keep you busy. It’s easy to forget yourself in the process of taking care of your family. My mission is to help other moms take care of themselves so they can be more available to their loved ones and lead more fulfilling lives.

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