There’s a New Trainer in Town

barre blend beachbodyNew year, new workout program, right? I couldn’t be more excited about the new Barre Blend Program coming out this year. Barre is like nothing you’ve ever tried before and Elise Joan, the trainer, is an inspiration and joy to work out with.

I was able to try out a few of the Barre Blend workouts recently in person and was hooked. It’s so challenging, even though you only use very light weights throughout (she recommends using 1-5 pound weights – I started with 2 pound weights). I initially thought there was no way I’d get a good workout in with barely any weight, but it’s tough!

Barre gets its roots from ballet with elements from yoga and Pilates. It’s low-impact and focuses on moves that help to strengthen and tone your body in new ways. And Elise’s Barre Blend takes a new spin on it, adding in some interval training and dance moves that I found extremely challenging.

barre blend beachbodyOf course, the program has modifiers, as always, and I’ll tell you that I needed them as a new barre student. A cool thing about this program is that it also has INTENSIFIERS. Yep, Elise finds a way to take the whole program up another notch and has the intensifier doing just that.

One of the best parts of this program as a whole is Elise herself. She is incredibly open and vulnerable about her journey to Beachbody and I appreciate her honesty. You can find out more about her story and follow her here.

You might recognize Elise from the Three Week Yoga Retreat a few years ago, but this time around it’s just Elise in the spotlight. While I’ve only been able to do a few in-person workouts up to now, early access to the program is now available–and I can’t wait to get started.

I’ve created a Facebook group for anyone interested in learning more and trying it out. Join me here.

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